What is RoamTouch?

We are a lab company. We create solutions to enable people to interact with technology in more productive, organic and intuitive ways.

Who is it for?

For anybody - we are cross-industry relevant! We cater to the development community right through to the end-user (and to everybody inbetween). Our innovative products enable easy integration of gesture recognition technology with the end goal of creating a new industry standard.

Long term commitment

We think and act long term: by concentrating on thorough patent protection, prototyping, and careful product development, we aim to perfect our business models. We hope to benefit as many as possible with the results of our hard work.

our fingers the cost-effective way to operate computers

we create products for different types of interactions based on gestures

Our Products

Mobile pointer powered with gestures

Smart pointer for Android that can be launched on screen with a gesture.

Gesture remote control for Android TV

Coming soon+

About Us

Our mission

Our Mission

To reach a new industry standard in gesture recognition, and in turn create novel and productive opportunities for interaction between people and their technology.

We believe

We Believe

Computer science is currently under the influence of many futuristic, Sci-Fi movies and too many entertainment medias. At RoamTouch we believe that computers were made to make us more productive, helping us to reach our full potential, achieving the best results, with the least possible effort.

Our vision

Our Vision

The computer industry has only started. Future offices, households and the next generation vehicles are going to require a more intuitive and organic interaction based on our fingers. With the cloud communication between devices, we envision a huge opportunity for linking them all together.

Intellectual propety

Intellectual Property

We are a lab company based on ideas. We work hard to protect them and turn them into real, tangible products while forecasting the future. Innovation requires courage, great technical skills and a very balanced mind to bring dreams to reality. We think we have all of them.

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Companies and Institutions supporting us

university of washington